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Trinations League 2. Runde in Zürich (1 Beitrag)

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    Here's the invitation for the next 3Nations League tournament in Zürich 23 and 24 April: https://www.dropbox.com/…/Invitation_TrinationsLeague_Zuric…
    Within December 31st every team of member and invited countries has to send the registration form and proof of payment.
    Within January 31st free teams and free players (from any country) are welcome to register to the draft. After the committee has accepted free teams they have to pay the entry fee within February 28th.
    Teams from member countries (Italy, Spain & Switzerland) and invited countries (any country with no or small national league: England, France, Greece & Luxembourg) are
    preferred over teams of countries with an established league (free teams).
    In order to support competition for the weaker teams only free teams of similar level will be allowed to
    join. The number of teams will be around 12. For further information read the concept of the Trinations League.
    More information on Facebook

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