The Cup on the Eastern Border (Joensuu)

von Hannes

In a far, far away spot, where even the sun doesn’t shine, a light is turned on…
A group of underwater rugby players scrapes the frost from their masks and fits on their swimfins… And invites YOU to come and play in a traditional tournaument “The Cup on the Eastern Border

This is an invitation to a underwater rugby tournament in Joensuu, Finland. The two day tournament will be played September 1 -2, and the games will start on Saturday at 10.00.

There are two kinds of series in the tournament: one for juniors and ladies and the other is an open division.

The cost of the tournament is 180 euros a team. If a team is registered before July 31, the costs are 150 euros. If you are interested in participating in the tournament, please send us an e-mail, and we will give to the account number for paying.

The teams will also participate in refereeing the games (land referees).

We have also arranged some cheap accommodation and dining optons in Joensuu. The cheapest accommodation, including breakfast, is around 6 euros a person. Note that the cheapest places are limited.

It is easy to travel to Joensuu by train or by air. One can find cheap flights to Finland, either to Helsinki or smaller towns. Please, ask us for help.
The registration has to be made not later than August 15 and the registration is obligatory.

Please mail us, if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you in english or auf deutsch!
We are looking forward to meet you in Joensuu!

Best wishes,
Ulla Sten


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