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    First UK Underwater Rugby Tournament – Saturday 21 October 2017
    Dear Underwater Rugby friends, 09 June 2017
    We plan to host the United Kingdom’s first UWR tournament at London “Aquatics Centre” – a legacy of our 2012
    Olympics. This is a unique opportunity to play at this prestigious state-of-the-art indoor pool. Before committing to
    the major costs of this event, we need to confirm interest to see if it’s going to be viable.
    Pool: Provisionally booked, £3000 for six hours: 1400 to 2000. Before going ‘firm’ on the booking, we need to
    have a good idea of the level of support we can expect from your teams’ participation.
    Cost: Team: £180. Individual: £20 (approximate). These fees are reduced by some grants we expect to receive
    to support the tournament.
    Teams: We need a minimum of ten teams to go ahead. If you would like to enter as a club / team or as an
    individual, then please let us know by midday 28 June. Social: Evening party with buffet, music and awards ceremony, ticket price to be advised when numbers are
    known, I guess around £20/25.
    Accommodation: Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, Ibis Hotel, Travel Lodge and many other local options.
    PR via: BBC Sport show, BSAC, PURE, various European UWR Club publications; Newsletters and Websites,
    Facebook and so on.
    Travel: London is quite accessible with flight prices usually dropping in October, and train or coach options for
    those who do not want to fly or drive.
    Summary: Please discuss this invitation urgently with your club friends and pass it onto other local clubs and
    players. We really do hope we can make this important international event happen, and need only your support
    in order to do so. To this end we look forward to your reply. Go go go....dive dive dive....etc!
    Yours Sincerely,
    R Sherwin
    For Club Captain

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