Kickstart UWR in Poland

von Hannes

Next weekend a UWR session will be played in Poznan, Poland. To my knowledge this is one of the first attempts at establishing our sport in that country.
If anyone is interested in supporting them, or joining the practice I’ll happily establish the contact.


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  1. Hannes schreibt:

    Das hier ist das Bad: http://www.termymaltanskie.com.pl/de/
    Nach dem Training kann man es sich also auch noch richtig gut gehen lassen :-)

  2. Anais_Bordeaux schreibt:

    Im Bezug darauf möchte ich etwas ankündigen. Es kommt bestimmt auch ein UWR-Turnier in Frankreich bzw in Bordeaux.
    Ich will da an die Einführung des Sportes arbeiten, und ich warte auf eine Genehmigung des Schwimmbeckenleiters um den Turnierablauf sicherzustellen, die normalerweise bald kommen sollte.
    Ihr könnt euch vielleicht schon mal überlegen, ob ihr am SAMSTAG DEN 11. APRIL eine Tour nach Bordeaux machen wollt! (die übrigens eine sehr schöne Stadt ist !)
    Mehr Details kommen bald …

  3. Thomas Schenkeli schreibt:

    Hannes, heißt next weekend 31.01./01.02. oder 07.02/08.02.?
    lg & Danke,

  4. kalaius schreibt:

    Hey guys, great initiative!
    I’ve been thinking about the same thing regarding Bratislava. I’ve heard from one of our older Hungarian-Czech player that there used to be a team and at the Budapest Tournament one of the players who took great photos was from Bratislava. So I’ve thought Wien and Brno and Budapest should rent the pool for a friday night or a saturday to do demo matches with the locals to spark the interest again.

    So if you have any flyers for the Polish event let us know so we can share it.

    Also something I plan to do this year is an UWR summer holiday. Probably you’ve seen the water polo gates floating on the Adria during the summer. It’s kind of obvious to play in the sea as you don’t have to pay for the pool. Why don’t we organise a low budget trip to Greece or Croatia together? I’ve started collecting locations the same way as uwr1.de lists the teams. As for now, I was told about perfect spots in Japan, Australia, Greece, Croatia and Florida, but probably there are endless amounts. Surprisingly I’ve also found pictures of surfers from Japan and Australia training with what they call rock rugby, they play UWR without fins or balls using large rocks. If we manage to create catchy media about such an event, maybe it would encourage divers, swimmers, surfers, water polo players, etc. from Spain, France, Croatia, USA, and so on, to try underwater rugby. The meantime, we could have lots of fun and enjoy the sun for a couple of days.
    If enough people express interest in this, I would ask our federation to inquire from Croatia’s and Greece’s diving federation about suitable locations, they probably know better. From then on it’s logistics. Renting a bus or a van to carry 2×2 goals would make it possible to do a short trip. Depending on how many people would come and how far would they willing to travel it could include 2 locations (one recommendation I got was in Croatia, Rab island, the other one was from the Greek team in Greece) and people could choose to come to only one or the other for 2 days only, or both, meaning a week long UWR “camp”. Filmed with a couple cameras, it could give a huge boost to the sport.
    This is where I will post the map once I have gathered at least 10 locations : http://underwaterrugby.kinja.com/playing-uwr-in-the-sea-1667931881

  5. karlrt schreibt:

    @Hannes: Hope we will get some news after this game is done. Maybe you could give me some contacts to the locals, as i have some polish friends, that I might interest?

    @Zoltan: I know from EGE UWR that they plan to host a summer training camp in Turkey. So maybe lets get into contact with Tarkan for such a thing. (The possible dates should also be discussed: Not during Cali, not during the Moravia Cup or the PAnther…)

    Good idea to get into contact with local diving organisations!

  6. Hannes schreibt:

    Just received e-mail from Poznan’s pool manager saying that 5 meter pool is not available on weekend’s till the end of April :(
    Sorry guys. We’ll have to postpone our uwr event till next time.