Gotland Cup 2017

Infos:DK Bottenskraparna have the great pleasure of inviting all the world’s underwater rugby teams to a one day tournament set on the sunny island of Gotland, Sweden. The tournament is intended to be a nice start-up for the upcoming season and everyone is invited, regardless of your team\'s level of play. The tournament is set to play on the second of september in Solbergabadet in Visby. Travelling and Accommodation will the teams have to manage by themself, but you can easily book both boat tickets (from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn) and accommodation by contacting Destination Gotland ( or The last day to submit for the tournament is 31 of July. The cost for the tournament will be 1000SEK/team. Does your team wish to enter the tournament you may contact Hanse Sandblom ( and he will give you the clubs banking details. Paid fee equals a place in the tournament. There will be a maximum of 12 teams and it’s “first come, first served”. Do you have any questions or wish to enter the tournament? Don’t hesitate to contact More info will be posted on our facebook page We hope to see you on Gotland Cup! DK Bottenskraparna via Hanse Sandblom +46762635759
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